Arctic Cooling Compound, Arctic Cooling MX-4, 20gr (ORACO-MX40101-GB)

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Arctic Cooling Compound, Arctic Cooling MX-4, 20gr (ORACO-MX40101-GB)

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CPU, GPU and other applications between power semiconductor components and heat sinks.

An All-Around Thermal Compound

Main Features
  • Easy Application
  • Optimal Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Non-Electrical Conductive
  • Non-Capacitive
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No Curing
  • No Bleeding
ARCTIC MX-4 is a new thermal compound that guarantees exceptional heat dissipation from components and maintains the needed stability to push your computer system to its maximum. Similar to the performance of existing and acclaimed ARCTIC MX-series, ARCTIC MX-4 continues to be overclocker’s ultimate choice when choosing thermal compounds. Prior to its introduction into the market, ARCTIC MX-4 has already received a Top Product Award from PC Games Hardware in a Germany print magazine in August 2010 as it prevailed against 11 other thermal compounds in the market. Superior Performance and Easy Application
The ARCTIC MX-4 is a premium-grade thermal paste with exceptional performance and ease of application. It is an electrically non-conductive paste that is applied between CPU/GPU and designated coolers to transfer the dissipated heat from the components to the heat sink. Since the ARCTIC MX-4 is a metal-free compound, it eliminates the risks of causing short circuit and in turn adding more protection to your computer.

The new formula in the ARCTIC MX-4 features optimal thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. These characteristics effectively dissipate the emitted heat from the core components.

The consistency of the ARCTIC MX-4 is designed for simple application. Its texture is just thin enough to spread onto components using fingers without creating much mess.

Great Bargain for its Value
With its competitive pricing, the performance of the ARCTIC MX-4 is the best thermal paste on the market by far.

Thermal conductivity: 8.5 W / mK Viscosity: 870 poise Density: 2.5 g/cm 3 Net weight: 20g

11 / 2010
Test-ing Portal : ARCTIC MX-4
In the test among 5 other thermal pastes, ARCTIC MX-4 is absolutely the winner with the best performance and delivering the lowest temperature. Further, it attains the maximum cooling capacity in the very beginning.
10 / 2010
From our testing platforms, ARCTIC MX-4 outperforms two other competitors in the market. It is easier to apply than its successor of ARCTIC MX-3. The pricing of the ARCTIC MX-4 also makes this thermal compound very attractive, given that it does its job well! Well-worth our 5 gold medals!
10 / 2010
Hardmodding : ARCTIC MX-4
No doubt that the ARCTIC MX-4 is a thermal compound that meets the expectations of a high-end product. Comparing with different brands in the market, its performance has proven to reduce thermal heat significantly. Easy application is also another key aspect! We are proud to give this product 9.5/10!
10 / 2010
ARCTIC MX-4 has easy-spread texture and can be easily applied and removed. ARCTIC MX-4 can maintain a very optimal temperature of the CPU during the test. It is one of the pastes with the best performance among the 7 tested pastes. We gave ARCTIC MX-4 the Recommended Buy Award.
10 / 2010
PC Improver : ARCTIC MX-4
The results of ARCTIC MX-4 is excellent! We like how it is not electrically conductive, non-corrosive and non-capacitive. It is also very easy to apply.
10 / 2010
Lab501. ro : ARCTIC MX-4
The goal of producing a paste with ARCTIC MX-3’s performance and optimum viscosity was reached. We do not have any difficulty to implement the paste on the plate, and the top performance is also what we recommend. It is a great successor of ARCTIC MX-2, which has been dominating the field for long.
10 / 2010
Svet hardware: ARCTIC MX-4
ARCTIC MX-4 wins the temperature competition against another 7 famous thermal pastes. When purchase thermal paste, it is preferable to buy from companies with long experience and previous successful products like ARCTIC.
10 / 2010
PC Space : ARCTIC MX-4
In a test among 8 different thermal pastes, and ARCTIC MX-4 becomes the winner with the best cooling performance!
09 / 2010
HW Review Labs : ARCTIC MX-4
The performance of ARCTIC MX-4 outperforms its competitors in the market. The application is very easy because it has low viscosity and can be spread easily. With MSRP of 7,45 € / US$ 9.95 it is a great value for money for such performance!
09 / 2010
AmpleTech : ARCTIC MX-4
ARCTIC MX-4 positions itself to have a mixture of viscosity and density with the two previous versions, ARCTIC MX-2 and MX-3. This new formula dissipates heat efficiently with the ease of application. The ARCTIC MX-4 is an all-rounded thermal compound that combines with fundamental aspects that such a product should have.
09 / 2010
Although the difference is not very obvious in this test, the MX-4 still outperforms the previous generation the MX-2 from ARCTIC. Overall, the MX-4 is a reliable thermal compound in the market.
09 / 2010
KitGuru : ARCTIC MX-4
ARCTIC MX-4 is a great steal with such low MSRP and it should be considered by anyone looking for some decent thermal compound for their next build. It is very easy to apply and performs really well. In fact, we love this product so much we couldn’t help but make it the first product to score 10/10!
09 / 2010
Madbox PC : ARCTIC MX-4
We are impressed by the performance of the ARCTIC MX-4, given that it is able to dissipate the heat of the components effectively. The ARCTIC MX-4 features a metal-free and conductive material formula to avoid causing short circuit to a motherboard in case of accident. The pricing of the ARCTIC MX-4 is justifiable because it cools better and it can last for eight years.
08 / 2010
Cooling Technique : ARCTIC MX-4
ARCTIC recently is adding a new thermal compound into their acclaimed MX-series - ARCTIC MX-4. It proved to have a good mixture of characteristics, in terms of ideal viscosity, non-electro conductive, and ease of application for users. With its competitive pricing set at around €0.975 ($1.23 US) per gram, its performance is close to the best thermal paste on the market. It is a great bargain for such a high-end thermal paste.
08 / 2010
BugOnline : ARCTIC MX-4
ARCTIC MX-4 has a significantly lower price than ARCTIC MX-3, and they have very similar performance. ARCTIC MX-4 is much easier to smear and it is very easy to thoroughly paste on the processor plate. Another nice feature is that the paste has maximal performance in the very beginning without any warming cycle.
08 / 2010
The MX-4 has great performance and it is one of the best thermal compounds. Comparing with other brands in the market, the MX-4 has none of limitations and draw backs, and is cheaper to buy as well. For anyone in the hunt for an all around long life thermal compound, look no further than the Arctic Cooling MX-4.
08 / 2010
Madshrimps : ARCTIC MX-4
The MX-4 thermal compound from ARCTIC COOLING is definitely an improvement since the last generation when it comes down to application as it’s easier to spread. If you’re in need of a new thermal goop you can’t go wrong with the MX-4.
08 / 2010
PC Ekspert : ARCTIC MX-4
Although the difference is not very significant, MX-4 is more advance than MX-3. To all who draw the last megahertz out from their CPU they should choose MX-4.
07 / 2010
Gamezoom : ARCTIC MX-4
The ARCTIC MX-4 is clearly the number 1 Thermal Grease! It leaves all competitors behind and still offers an unbeatable price. The handling is very easy - the MX-4 is our new reference.
07 / 2010
PC Games Hardware : ARCTIC MX-4
The ARCTIC MX-4 is currently the best thermal compound in the market. It could prevail in our comprehensive test against 11 actual competitors. Thus, ARCTIC is again setting up new standards with a top product in the highly competitive market for thermal compounds.
07 / 2010
TweakTown : ARCTIC MX-4
ARCTIC MX-4 is short behind the MX-3 in regards to its performance. However, for the price and performance ratio that ARCTIC MX-4 is offering, this new thermal compound is setting new standards. At just $5.00 for 4 grams of compound, it is a real bargain since you get the performance at the same time.
07 / 2010
Vortez Hardware : ARCTIC MX-4
The ARCTIC MX-4 could not make it to the top position in our test, since it was short behind the ARCTIC MX-3. Never the less, it still is a very potential thermal compound as it's application is good and the price is simply rocking the bottom. If you don't mind for the very last degree, ARCTIC MX-4 will do a great job on your CPU.
06 / 2010
DragonSteelMods : ARCTIC MX-4
The ARCTIC MX-4 can position itself at the top of our comparative tests. It is the competitors both in price, as superior in performance. The paste can be applied very well. We give the ARCTIC MX-4 5 of 5 points and our recommendation.
06 / 2010
Hardwareheaven : ARCTIC MX-4
The ARCTIC MX-4 has surprised us positively in all respects and massively impressed us: The application is simply gorgeous and the temperatures set a new standard. The whole package is topped by an absolute rock-bottom price. The ARCTIC MX-4 deserves our Gold Award, as well as our Performance Award.
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