Arctic Термо-паста Arctic MX-4 2019 Edition, 20g (ACTCP00001B)

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Arctic Термо-паста Arctic MX-4 2019 Edition, 20g (ACTCP00001B)

16,11 лв
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Термо пастата MX-4 на Arctic е създадена с карбонови микро частици, което води до изключително високата й проводимост на топлина. Това гарантира, че топлината, генерирана от процесора или видеокартата Ви ще бъде разсеяна бързо и ефективно, което прави термо пастата подходяща дори за overclocking.

Проводимост: 8.5 W/mK

Better than Liquid Metal:
The ARCTIC MX-4 compound is composed of carbon micro-particles which lead to an extremely high thermal conductivity. It guarantees that heat generated from the CPU or GPU is dissipated quickly and efficiently. Superb in performance, MX-4 is the best companion for overclockers and enthusiasts.

Easy to Apply:
With an ideal consistency, the MX-4 is very easy to use, even for beginners. The possibilities for its application and the most effectively way to avoid voids between CPU and cooler we show you in the video.

Safe Application:
It does not contain any metallic particles so electical conductivity would not be an issue. Unlike silver and copper compound, it ensures that contact with any electrical pins would not result in damage of any sort.

High Durability:
In contrast to metal and silicon thermal compound, the performance of MX-4 does not compromise over time. Once applied, you do not need to apply it a second time as it will last at least for 8 years.

Value for Money:
A high performance thermal compound perfect for system builders, there's no suprise that the MX-4 exceeds your expectations for its low price tag.

Technical Data:

Thermal Conductivity: 8.5 W/(mK)

Viscosity: 870 poise

Density: 2.50 g/cm³

Volume Resistivity: 3.8 x 1013 -cm


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