Spire (SP-802/0.5g) Термо-паста Spire BlueFrost SP-802

Spire (SP-802/0.5g) Термо-паста Spire BlueFrost SP-802
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Spire (SP-802/0.5g) Термо-паста Spire BlueFrost SP-802

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Utilizing the newest innovation in thermal engineering, the BlueFrost thermal management compound from Spire is probably the best performing thermal grease on the market today. The new composition formula of BlueFrost improves thermal conductivity by 10 percent and reduces cpu temperature. BlueFrost thermal compound will begin to function at its optimum potential, after a gradual increase in heat-dissipation, approximately 168 hours (7days)after initial application. Trust the brand with the industry leading specifications, Spire - Powered by Innovation.

Colors Blue
Application Applicable to micro processors (CPU) and graphic array processors (GPU)
Thermal Conductivity >3.0 W/m-K
Thermal Impedance 10KO
Specific Gravity > 2.5%
Evaporation < 0.001%
Bleed < 0.05%
Dielectric Constant A > 5.1

Silicone Compounds:35%
Carbon Compounds:15%
Blue organic coloring:5%

Operating Temperature -30~180 oC
Packaging type Blister
G. W. Weight 0.5 Gram
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